Cross References (OLIF)

Aus der Original-Dokumentation zu OLIF (Open Lexicon Interchange Format, ca. 2008), siehe Link unten.

Cross-Reference Link Type   <crLinkType>
Indicates the type of cross-reference link that pertains between the entry from which the link originates and the entry to which the link points.
Cross-reference relations have been augmented by ISO relations (most of which formally apply to concepts rather than the terms themselves, but have adapted them here for the purposes of OLIF2) and the analysis contained in EuroWordNet (July, 2000).

synonym synonym of
near-synonym near synonym of
antonym antonym of
near-antonym near antonym of
has-hyperonym is kind of (subordinate)
has-hyponym has kind (superordinate)
has-holonym part of
has-meronym whole of
     has-holo-member member of (member-set)
     has-mero-member set (member-set)
     has-holo-portion portion of
     has-mero-portion has portion
     has-holo-madeof ingredient of
     has-mero-madeof has ingredient
     has-holo-location more specific place
     has-mero-location wider place
causes cause of
is-caused-by effect of
has-subevent (between verbs/gerunds) e.g., sleep ~ snore
is-subevent-of (between verbs/gerunds) e.g., snore ~ sleep
role activity that something (noun) is involved in
involved thing (noun) involved in activity represented by verb
     role-agent typical activity of agent, e.g., teaching ~ teacher
     involved-agent typical agent of activity, e.g., teacher ~teaching
     role-patient activity undergone by patient, e.g., learning ~ learner
     involved-patient typically undergoes activity, e.g., learner ~ learning
     role-result activity that results in object, e.g., crystallising ~ crystal
     involved-result object resulting from activity, e.g. crystal ~ cystallising
     role-instrument activity instrument is used for, e.g., hammering ~ hammer
     involved-instrument instrument used for activity, e.g., hammer ~ hammering
     role-location activity typical of a place, e.g., teaching ~ school
     involved-location place where activity occurs, e.g., school ~ teaching
   role-direction activity from/to/over/across/thru a place, e.g., crossing ~ river
     involved-direction place from/to/over/thru,etc. which activity occurs, e.g., river ~ cross
produces producer of
is-product-of product of
process-step step in a process
in-sequence element in a sequence
is-spatial-rel related spatially
is-associated associated term
is-child-of offspring of
is-parent-of parent of
is-used-for is used for
use use to which something is put
in-manner (verb ~ adv) snore ~ noisily
manner-of (adv ~ verb) noisily ~ snore
be-in-state (noun ~ adj) tycoon ~ wealthy
state-of (adj ~ noun) wealthy ~ tycoon
previous previous version of entry
no-synonym not allowed as synonym
has-no-syn has disallowed synonym
is-derived-from derivational morphology
has-derived derivational morphology
pertains-to (adj ~ noun) chemical ~ chemistry
is-pertained-to (noun ~ adj) chemistry ~ chemical
has-instance class
belongs-to-class instance of class
keyword keyword
acronym acronym
has-acronym has acronym
orth-variant orthographical variant     -> see attribute table that follows
has-orth-variant has orthographical variant
abbreviation abbreviated form
has-abbrev has abbreviated form
headword head word of compound/phrase
has-headword has head word
fuzzynym (noun ~ noun; verb ~ verb) fuzzy semantic relation
repl-controlled replace with controlled language
Compound noun codes: Indicate relations between compnd nouns and compnd elements
     co-role general relation between compound noun and compound element
     co-agent-patient criminal ~ crime victim
     co-patient-agent crime victim ~ criminal
     co-agent-instrument guitar player ~ guitar
     co-instrument-agent guitar ~ guitar player
     co-agent-result novel writer ~ novel
     co-result-agent novel ~ novel writer
     co-patient-instrument ice ~ ice saw
     co-instrument-patient ice saw ~ ice
     co-patient-result pastry dough ~ pastry
     co-result-patient pastry ~ pastry dough
     co-instrument-result movie camera ~ movie
     co-result-instrument movie ~ movie camera
un relation unspecified

Auszug aus: The Structure and Content of the Body of an OLIF v.2.0/2.1 File by Susan McCormick, OLIF Consortium.